New silica refractory brick production equipment for glass furnace

Glass is mainly made of quartz sand and soda ash as raw materials through high-temperature melting. Glass furnaces are equipment for melting glass. There are many types of glass furnaces, such as pool kilns and tower kilns. Pool kilns are used in the glass industry. The glass furnace is made of refractory bricks. The damage to the lining of the glass kiln is mainly caused by chemical erosion and thermal stress. The degree and speed of corrosion are closely related with the use position of refractory bricks, the kiln temperature and types of molten glass. Of course, the quality of the lining itself is also very important. When choosing refractory bricks for glass melting furnaces, the type of furnace and the location of refractory bricks, its damage reason, the type of molten glass and the type of fuel should be well considered. At present, the wall and bottom of the glass furnace in contact with the molten glass are generally built with fused cast AZS refractory bricks. In order to reduce costs, different refractory bricks can be used in other parts of the glass furnace.Silica Bricks are very important to glass furnace, normally they are  used in the top arch of the glass furnace.

Silica brick
refers to refractory bricks containing more than 93% SiO2. It is the main variety of acid refractory bricks. The main component of silicon refractory brick is SiO2, which is produced with fused silica powder and periclase powder as raw materials. This type of brick has high refractoriness, high temperature strength, strong resistance to alkaline slag erosion, and excellent thermal stability. It also has certain adaptability to acid slag. Zhengzhou Shennan Refractory Co., Ltd. nowdays developed a new type of silicon refractory brick production device. This device uses a magnetic separator, a blender, a silicon brick mold set, and a shuttle kiln as equipment to produce silicon refractory bricks. The device has the advantages of  simple operation, high production efficiency, good product quality, environmental protection, suitable for industrial production.

This new type of silicon refractory brick production device for glass furnace includes: 1. Magnetic separator 2. Blender 3. Silica brick mould set 4. Shuttle furnace 5. No.1 Magnetic separator is equipped with fused silica powder inlet 6. Periclase powder inlet 7.impurity outlet 8.the first conveyor between the No.1 magnetic separator  and the No.2 blender, and the No. 2 blender is equipped with a nano glue solution inlet 10. a polyacrylamide aqueous solution inlet 11. The second conveyor between the No.2 blending machine and the No.3 silica brick mold group. 12. the third conveyor  between the No. 3 silica brick mold group and the No.4 shuttle kiln , and the finished product outlet is on the shuttle kiln 4.

The operation process of the new device will be further described below in conjunction with the drawing:

1. Feed the formula amount of fused silica powder and periclase powder through the fused silica powder inlet No.5 and the periclase powder inlet No.6 (set on the magnetic separator No.1) into the magnetic separator No.1, and in the process of passing through the magnetic separator No.1, the strong magnetic force sucks out the iron-containing powder in the above two powders, and discharges the iron-containing powder through the impurity outlet No.8 provided on the magnetic separator No.1. The pure fused silica powder and the periclase powder pass through the the first conveyor No.8( between the nagnetic separator 1 and the blender 2) is sent to the blender 2, and the nano glue solution inlet No.9 and the polyacrylamide aqueous solution inlet No.10 (are set on the blender 2 )to add the formulated amount of nano glue solution, polypropylene the amide aqueous solution is evenly blended.

2. The blended material in the blender No.2 is sent to the silicon brick mold No.3 through the second conveyor No.11 ( between the blender 2 and the silicon brick mold 3), The admixtures are tightly combined through pressure and vibration, and processed into refractory bricks that meet the required shapes of certain parts of the glass furnace and dry naturally for 39-41 hours.

3. Take off the mold, and send the dried silicon refractory bricks into the shuttle kiln No.4 through the third conveyor No.12 (set between the silicon brick mold No.3 and the shuttle kiln No.4), and take 2-3 hours. After slowly increasing the sintering temperature in the shuttle kiln No.4 from 0°C to 350°C, the sintering temperature was quickly increased from 350°C to 1150-1200°C within 1 hour, and maintained at this temperature 22-24 hours, stop heating, gradually cool the silicon brick blank to room temperature, and then discharge the material through the outlet No.13 to obtain the finished product.
Through the above device, high quality silica bricks can be produced with strict quality control. Zhengzhou Shennan Refractory Co.,ltd will be delicated to provide long lifetime silica bricks for glass industry and other industries.