High Aluminum Refractory Bricks Are Launched Production Today

Today we launched the production of high aluminum bricks for steel industry after upgrading the environmental protection equipment. With this tunnel kiln production line, we can produce different refractory materials for different industry.

Shennan Refractory Company is committed to the research, development and production of various high-quality refractory materials for high-temperature industries such as metallurgy, glass industry, and non-ferrous metals. We have five well-equipped and highly automated production lines, including high aluminum bricks,  unshaped refractory materials, breathable bricks, skateboard nozzles, shaped products, and silicon carbide. The main products are:

1) Silicon nitride combined with silicon carbide refractory products for blast furnaces, blast furnace gunning materials, press-in slurry, fire clay, gun clay for tapholes, series of unshaped refractories for tap trenches;

2) A complete set of refractory materials for steelmaking systems, including magnesia carbon bricks, aluminum-magnesia carbon bricks, corundum spinel bricks, air-permeable bricks, aluminum-carbon sliding plates and nozzles, aluminum-magnesium castable;

3) Anchor bricks, lightweight castable, aluminum-silicon castable, plastics and other products for heating furnaces;

4) Refractory materials for the non-ferrous industry, including silicon nitride bonded silicon carbide bricks, impermeable materials, and a complete set of refractory materials for carbon baking furnaces.

Shennan Refractory company will keep upgrading advanced production equipment to meet the requirement of environmental production and produce better refractory materials for different industries .